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In the industrial construction world, a hoist is an important aspect. Due to its feature of lifting a huge amount of weight, the act of lifting is carried out through wire rope or a chain attached with a pulley by means of a hook or lifting hook. The hoist can be operated through the motors that are driven with electric, hydraulics and air. Among various types of hoist the wire rope hoist, harrington hoist and the chain hoist are the oldest and commonly used.

Various other types of hoists include construction hoist, mine hoist, lever hoist. Sometimes chain hoists consists of a lever for operating the chain. There is another type of hoist which is operated manually or hand powered with the help of a ratchet wheel called as ratchet lever hoist and even known as come a long. It was founded inColorado in the year 1919 by Abraham Massdam and later popularized by Felber Maasdam, his son.

Hoist consists of variety of components like lifting, frequency drive, radio control, dual speeds etc. However, a hoist can be built up as a package unit or can be separated and custom unit. Though, the built up custom unit will be expensive but it will have maximum durability. The package units are comparatively cheaper and for moderate use.

There are a variety of suppliers offering the best hoist. Among them is the hoist direct inc., which offers the most updated models of the trusted brands like Harrington, Budgit, Ross, Yale, McKinnon, Columbus and many other as such. Not only hoists, the hoist direct also offer various models of other related equipments, such as jib cranes, Wallace crane, davit crane or gantry cranes. However, visiting the site www.hoistsdirect.com will give a clear idea.

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