Advantages of Glass Swimming Pool Fencing

A lot of people choose to put glass pool walls around their pool in their back yard. But why is it something that a lot of people choose?  There are a couple of reasons that people choose glass swimming pool fencing.

Material and Style

Glass fencing’s look is really modern. The glass that’s used for this fencing is highly durable and of very high quality.  The glass thickness is either of 8, 10, or 12mm thick.   This thickness is going to be based on the safety standard in the area.  You can also choose frameless or semi frameless glass fencing.

The design of semi-frameless has the posts place deep into the ground using concrete. The fence is sealed using rubber glazing or glass silicone.

Frameless fencing is using glass that is thicker and it’s secured to the ground using spigots that are stainless steel or alloy.


A second great benefit of glass fencing’s that it’s really easy to clean as compared to other kinds of fencing like steel tubular fencing.  The steel tubular is able to rust but glass doesn’t.

Glass fencing is able to offer modern style and security.  That is why so many people decide that they want to have it installed when they are looking for a fence for around their home.

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publisher on September 16th 2012 in Construction

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