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Quick Facial Fixes the Healthy and Natural Way

This guest post provided by Cosmetic Rejuvenation Medical Center.

If you are blessed with skin that is baby smooth and flawless, you know very well that you must flaunt it bare. Makeup was created not to change the way you look, but to simply enhance your features. Makeup is a two-fold creation – it can make or break your entire look. Used the wrong way, it could accentuate your flaws or simply make you look worse. If you are one of those women who hate putting too much gunk on your face, here are quick fixes that don’t require any makeup or commercial creams and facial products. For smoother, pinkish lips: Achieve baby-soft and kissable lips by regular exfoliation. You can use sugar or your toothbrush to buff away dead skin cells and reveal softer, pinker lips. When using sugar, a spoonful will do and make sure the crystals aren’t too fine, nor too big. Add a drop of honey and massage on your lower and upper lips.

A quicker way is to use your toothbrush. Gently brush your lips after you’re done brushing your teeth, because then, your lips will have been wet and thus will be softer and dead skin cells will be easier to remove. For curled lashes: If you dislike eyelash curlers, or don’t like the heavy feel of mascara, here’s a natural trick that will leave you with curlier lashes that make your eyes prettier. All you need is a teaspoon! Hold the teaspoon against the top part of your lashes, making sure the teaspoon is facing down. Then, gently pull away upwards to create a curl. It’s the same way you use the blade of a scissors to create a curly ribbon. Be extra gentle when doing this because you don’t want to yank your lashes off.

For brighter eyes: Waking up with puffy eyes can be enough to spoil one’s day, so here’s what you can do to bring the puffiness down and lessen the dark circles around your eyes. Splash your face with really cold, and we’re walking ice – cold water. Or, dab ice around your eyes. It will give you that fresher look without the darkness and puffiness. Finally, for blooming facial skin: If you want to step out with extra dewy skin, do your makeup the regular way, and simply spray water with an atomizer when you’re done. This way, you don’t need special products and loads of foundation just to give you a glowing look. The water will not only set your makeup, it will also give you a more natural glow.


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Buying Permanent Cosmetic Supplies

Once certified, a new permanent make-up technician can expect to spend at least $800 to $5,000 to begin practicing independently. Although the costs may be recouped quickly, the initial overhead is still high, even if you want to begin working in a market that has a lot of people who are interested in permanent lipliner, eye makeup, or eyebrow makeup. Therefore, it’s important that you purchase quality products that have high color retention and the right topical anesthetics. Premier Pigments’ safe, color-efficient, predictable formulations are all conveniently sold online, as are ancillary materials such as customized consent forms and anesthetics. The Premier Pigments line is one of the most venerated in the business, which is why Premier is the micropigmentation industry sales leader. To find out more about our products, please download the Color Catalog.

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