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Thoughts on Rajneesh Osho

Rajneesh Osho is considered to be one of the most controversial figures as a spiritualist in the twentieth century, and while his message was not of one that sought to teach people to be religious but to understand themselves and their own unique spiritual paths, he will always remain in the hearts and minds of people everywhere.

Yes, they’re also known as Osho Sannyasins, and the coining of this phrase came about because his dislike for the disciples and religious leaders of Hinduism that were refusing to adjust to the changing times.

While they came in for a lot of criticism from Osho for their outdated ways, his understanding of all religions and his interpretations of each of them are considered to be some of the best ever. With his focus on meditation and the equality of all religions, he also encouraged all his disciples to seek spirituality as a unique path for their life.

And even though he is not with us anymore, one can understand his teachings through finding his books and Osho meditations that have been catalogued in great detail, and are available at specific sites over the internet.

One way or another, whether you like Osho or not, the truth is that he and his teachings cannot be ignored, and no matter what your opinion is, all that will change once you understand how impressive his sense of logic was in what he taught.

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publisher on February 25th 2011 in Charity

Understanding Osho Sannyas

There is no doubt that Osho has been one of the controversial spiritualists that the twentieth century has known but also one of the most influential figures in what is known today as “New Age” religion.

And even after his demise not so long ago, his words remain in the hearts and minds of people everywhere. With his focus on meditation (that made itself apparent through the Osho dynamic meditation method that he created), his desire was for all the world’s religions to come together instead of remaining divided, thanks to authority figures that led each religion.

While his criticism for these authority figures met with the disapproval of many, and in general for Hinduism that still continued to follow practices that were no longer relevant to today’s scenario, another creation of his that has come to be known as Osho sannyas changed the way people perceived discipleship in today’s world.

And above all, his interpretation of several holy texts are now considered to be one of the best apart from the several books that he wrote to convey a message of unity and brotherhood amongst all of those who were open to his teaching.

And if you are interested in learning more about this man, not only will you be able to find his books, teachings and the Osho meditation music that was a daily part of his life, one can find them at several sites over the internet.

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publisher on February 4th 2011 in Charity