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Dr. Martens Shoes – A Classic, No Matter Who You Are

If you’re even just a casual shoe aficionado, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Dr. Martens shoes. After all, Dr. Martens has been a staple in the shoe world since it first stepped onto the scene back in 1960.

No matter where you go, chances are you’ll see a pair of Dr. Martens. Walk by a construction site, and you will probably see one of the workers wearing a pair of Dr. Martens boots. Or, head to your local high school, and you will probably see a bunch of the kids wearing Dr. Martens shoes. That’s part of the magic of Dr. Martens – they appeal to people of all ages!

But, as popular as they are, you still don’t want to have to pay a fortune for a good pair of Dr. Martens. That’s where Zappos comes in. The giant online retailer has a huge selection of Dr. Martens. In fact, Zappos gets new Dr. Martens styles every month, so no matter what time of year it is, you can find the latest trends.

And, if you have any questions, Zappos has customer reviews for all of its Dr. Martens shoes right on its website. That way, you can learn exactly what to expect from the shoes before you even order them!

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The Benefits of vintage clothing websites

Vintage Clothing websites these days are dime a dozen, however, there is no guarantee that you will get the best prices for the clothes that you wish to buy from whichever era. Clothes that will take you back to a time which inspired the song ‘High Hopes’ by Pink Floyd.

Speaking of a cult following, the hippie clothing era consisted of go-go boots, the Pocahontas headband, flowers, miniskirts, fringed jackets, vests, trousers and shirts and so on and so forth which a part of that back-to-nature, nonconforming spirit that most people continue to draw inspiration from these days.
If you didn’t know this already, almost everything made during this era was home-made and handspun, and a time when women went braless as well as wore peasant blouses, long skirts and so on and so forth, all with one purpose… to be different.

And if one wants relive that era which has influenced almost every generation thereafter with its countercultural values, a good place to find some of the aforementioned items of clothing would be at Vintage Trends.

The disco clothing era was another era in which the clothing defined the movement (much like the ‘hippie culture’) apart from the rampant use of drugs and sex. Maxi, midi and mini skirts along with kaftans were significant types of clothing that dominated this era while platform shoes and bellbottoms apart from pointy-collared shirts were an integral part of men’s wear.

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Selecting men’s suits

Not every man gets what to wear immediately, especially when it comes to men’s suits, but through years of watching and learning from older folks, especially from elder brothers and fathers. Well, and somewhere down the line, when a boy becomes a man, he would have also learned the rudiments of dressing well.

Take for example, the wool suit, which is often the first choice for a suit. Not only can it worn all the year around as it is durable and hard wearing but depending on the weave of wool, it can be used to make heavier or lighter suits.

While Italian wool is considered the best, what helps is finding a tailor that will help you make the suit according to your specific measurements. While the most popular fashion designers such as Gucci, Armani and Dolce make suits that cost you a lot, one can also find more economical versions of the same.

The normal styles in which these suits are made are the two-button and the three-button suits that seem to never seem go out of fashion. It is a good idea to update your wardrobe with these suits once in every five years. When it comes to tuxedos that are used for every formal event, be it prom night, an upscale party or any occasion to celebrate, this suit is a must have for every gentleman who dresses to impress.

Finally, when it comes to these suits, one must understand that in selecting them, one should always look for the highest quality.

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The two button suit

Most businessmen choose to wear a two button suit and are more or less a staple in any businessman’s wardrobe. This style is considered as the standard executive suit type under men’s suits. Amongst American’s, it is one of the top picks for various events that call for a suit under its dress code.

When wearing a two button suit, remember, that you must always wear it leaving the bottom button undone. This makes it easier and more comfortable to sit down. By leaving the bottom button undone, you also avoid the risk of tearing off the button.

Unlike the three button suit, the two button suit is set moderately lower than the other. But depending on the designer, it can even be fashioned to resemble the three button suit style. This is a good enough compromise for those who would prefer wearing a two button suit, but also do not want to show off too much of their chest area. It is also more comfortable, as opposed to being decked out in tuxedos, which is worn most often at very formal occasions, and only suits selected body types.

Two button suits are best for shorter men as it makes them look taller and the style of the suit accentuates the shoulders, making them appear straighter and broader – all of which is fantastically complimentary. Other than being worn by businessmen, the two button suit is also great for casual wear – with a pair of denims or even vintage or designer jeans. You can even pull off a smart casual look by pairing the suit with a dress or sport shirt.

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Making an automobile donation

Despite the fact that critics claim that making a used car donation has become a tax shelter, there’s no doubt that the lives it has touched through this unique method has indeed become a popular choice of donating funds indirectly to the cause of disadvantaged children living abroad.

For most people who would like to dispose their vehicle that can no longer be used, one can receive a tax rebate on the estimated value of the car by the individual making the donation, even though the car can go for a much cheaper price when sold.

The proceeds of every automobile donation goes towards the living and educational expenses of children which touches their lives in such a way that it makes their future brighter, thanks to the availability of much needed funds from these kind donations.

However, it’s not just the children who stand to gain from these kind acts, as the car donation programs will help people donate a car Florida as well as from anywhere else by sending a representative to their home, office or a location of their choice to collect the title and the vehicle as well.

Apart from this, the all-important tax rebate will also help people save money when filing their income tax returns every year. The beauty of opting for a charity of this kind is that one does not need to spend any cash in any way yet makes them feel that they have done something for the underprivileged to the best of their ability.

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MMA Gear for everyone

It’s no surprise that right from the start where a fighter prepares for glory in the ring with rigorous training, MMA Gear is considered mandatory, not only because it is a rule made by the ruling body of the Mixed Martial Arts scene that seems sensible enough as it rules out cheating, and also adds to the charisma and attitude of the sport with each fighter wearing their heart on their sleeve (and on their MMA shirt), so to speak. And most of all, the overall presentation of a Fight Night looks like anything but a gangbanger’s paradise where each fighter reaches for the ‘ultimate’ prize.

Since the sport involves using your fists, fight gloves is a must have for a fighter right from the beginning whether you are in training doing bag work, sparring or are just getting ready to do battle.

Now if anyone has any misconceptions about Mixed Martial Arts being only for men, think again. Since men can (and normally) fight bare-bodied, women for obvious reasons cannot, and so, our Amazonian-natured ‘belles’ with a bit of fire in their belly, can opt for a fight shirt and jump right into the fray.

The bottom line being that MMA is for folks who will never back down from a challenge and use everything in their armory to take down their opponent, and who truly understand what the phrase ‘no holds barred’ means.

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The B-15 Bomber Jacket

In 1943, the Type B-15 flight jacket replaced the popular A-2 that was worn by U.S. Army Air Forces since 1931. The B-15 bomber jackets replaced the A-2 leather bomber jackets because they were designed to be warmer and more adaptable to various equipment changes. However, even after the cancelation of the A-2, airmen were still able to order replacements up until 1944. The B-15 eventually caught on and was used and issued throughout the 1950s and ’60s.

Today, replicas of the B-15 include cloth and leather variations that are as practical to wear as they are attractive. American Mystique offers several different B-15 bomber jackets, including the satin-nylon B-15 bomber jacket. This olive green jacket features a dark brown synthetic fur collar and comes with polyester fiberfill insulation. It has two snap-close side entry pockets on the front, leather oxygen mask tabs on the chest, and knit cuffs and waistband. In addition, an Army Air Force Wing and Star patch is embroidered on the left sleeve.

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Lingerie Trends 2009

If love were indeed blind, fine lingerie wouldn’t be nearly so popular. Like other types of fashion, lingerie—whether bridal lingerie or just everyday lingerie—suggests something special about the person whom it adorns. And like other attire, lingerie is subject to changes in fashion consciousness. What steamed up the lingerie world last season may have fizzled and cooled this season. With an eye for the vogue, we present the top five lingerie trends for 2009:

  • Bright colors. Black lingerie is timeless, but statement lingerie in splashy blues and pinks is expected to make a big impression this year. The hues range from deep peacock blues to pastel pinks in classic styles that let the color do the talking.
  • Animal prints. A perennial favorite, animal prints ranging from leopard to zebra have been showing up both in lingerie and on sexy swim suits. These bold prints require a confident wearer but pay tremendous dividends when they catch an admirer’s eye.
  • Florals. Borrowed from the runway, this trend is renowned for its ability to make the wearer feel both delicate and sensual at the same time. Florals are often paired with other of-the-moment details such as ruffles and bows.
  • Convertible bras. What good is a bra that can be worn only one way? Whether or not the recession has made lingerie designers savvier about combining form and function, one thing’s clear: a bra that can accommodate all of your most striking outfits is a valuable bra indeed.
  • Corsetry. Need we say more? A corset is the paramount of mystery. It portends flirtation, seduction, and a dramatic revelation. Whether you select a trendy metallic style or one that calls to mind fine European lingerie, your vamp quotient is guaranteed to shoot through the roof.

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