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AC Filter Important to Air Quality

Installing, maintaining, and replacing your ac filter at regulated intervals can help maintain the quality and integrity of the air you are breathing, whether at your home or business. Indoor air is capable of housing many pollutant particles at one time. These particles may consist of pollen, dust, mold, or even bacteria. Keeping these harmful pollutants out of your lungs is essential if you wish to maintain a good health. Filters are able to catch these particles, which may also transmit viruses. When running your air conditioner, you are not only cooling your home or business, you can also think of it as cleaning the air you breathe.

In order to maintain this clean air, it is important to change the air bear filters regularly, typically every three months. This will ensure optimum performance of the air filter system. It may even extend the life, as well. These filters come in various sizes in order to meet your air filter system’s needs.

3M furnace filters can also help catch pollutants when the furnace is running. Like air bear filters, these filters must also be maintained and replaced regularly at three month intervals. Luckily, these are very affordable and may be purchased in packs, so that you always have them available for replacements. You may even select specialized filters, such as the ultra-allergen. These furnace filters are excellent at keeping unwanted pollutants particles out of the air. They may also be able to stave off unwanted odors in high traffic areas.

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publisher on December 15th 2011 in Construction

Do You Suffer From Allergies? Maybe it’s Time to Get a New Air Conditioner Filter!

Are you one of those people that love having animals but hates having the stuffy, runny nose and sneezing that usually accompanies your furry friends?  Well than I may have something that can help you get over your pet allergies, or at least can help you be able to breathe again.  Let’s talk about air conditioner filter, and the ability of one small adjustment to make your life so much easier than it was before.  So you have tried different types of allergy medicines, and nothing has been working, but that’s not all that you can do. There are different types of hypoallergenic air bear filters, and space gard filters, that can help you sleep more peacefully at night.  But other than filters, there are several other things that you can do to help yourself get some amount of peace.  There are actually devices that are used to filter the air you are exposed to for potential allergens so that you can breathe easier.  Frequent vacuuming will also help to eliminate the hair and dust that is present in the environment, which will help you breathe more easily. 

So are you convinced that there are still things you can try to improve your breathing?  Because there are still things that you can do to help yourself regain some amount of comfort before you consider something like rehoming your furry friend.

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publisher on November 20th 2011 in Construction

Combat the Ultra Allergen Now!

If you have serious allergies, then now is not the time to skimp on your humidifiers filters replacement.  Coming from someone who is seriously allergic to just about everything, I can speak for people with allergies when I say that ultra allergen is not something that you want to take on unprepared.  There are so many things that you can do to make it easier for you to breath and live in your own home, and so put down the tissues and allergy medicine and pick up the 3m filtrate filters.  If you suffer from serious pet allergies, then there are several things you can do before putting Fido or Fluffy up for adoption.  So grab a piece of paper and pencil and take notes, because these helpful tips will save you and your best furry friend a serious amount of heartache in the long run. 


Think about purchasing and replacing the air filters in your home.  There are also small air filters that you can purchase that will take animal hair, dust, and other allergens out of the air so that you will stop sneezing your head off.  A lint roller is a good investment if you have a long hair cat or dog that is prone to shedding.  Another good buy is a vacuum cleaner that is specially structured to pick up animal hair from the carpet, which will also limit the amount of hair in any room of your house.  So get going and keep your best friend safe!

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publisher on October 13th 2011 in Construction

3m Furnace Filters Promote Clean Air and a Happy Home

There are all sorts of things that we do in day to day life that some of us may not enjoy or even think to do were we not instructed from an early age, like wearing clean underwear, brushing our teeth, or bathing regularly. Maintaining a home is very similar. When is the last time you thought about replacing your 3m furnace filters? Probably not nearly as recently as the last time you considered brushing your teeth. If you are a relatively new homeowner, chances are you have bigger things to worry about than your air filters, but that doesn’t mean they should be neglected.

Let’s say you’re a busy guy or girl and don’t have time for the routine filter check, which is understandable. But imagine the headache it will be when your air bear filters break and you have to call in a repairman just because you never replaced old filters. Stay on top of your appliance’s regular maintenance tasks and avoid the headache.  You’ll save some trouble and save some money. Are you on board yet?

Add filtrate air filters to your shopping list and do what needs to be done before it is too late. Even if you are located in the most congested part of a major city, a new air filter will keep the inside air as clean and fresh as you would find it in the Colorado Rockies. Treat your home, your family, and yourself right and check your air filters today.

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publisher on August 12th 2011 in Construction

A Note on Festooning Systems

Article submitted by Hoist Direct

Ever wonder how long it would have taken if festooning systems were available to those who managed the building of the Egyptian pyramids?

Nothing much has changed since then as in industry or construction there will be a need for heavy objects to be moved from one place to the other. Yet without these machines today, most of the industrial work carried out will not be able to move any faster as it is currently capable of.

Take for example, the come along winch that is normally used for line construction work. What would you do without such a device in getting things moving especially when it comes to objects that are at least 1000 or 1500 pounds (if you use the single line version) or at least 2000 to 3000 pounds (the double line version). Yet these devices themselves aren’t heavy (about ten and a half pounds) and are easily transportable anywhere on the job site if necessary.

So, you can imagine the thought and research that has gone into making such a device for the benefit of construction and industrial purposes anywhere.

But that’s not all as there are other devices (such as winch-hoists) that carry a load of up to 8000 pounds and more. There are several companies that offer these products and one of the most popular models of winch-hoists that are available is the Myte winch-hoist series, with its electric chain hoist being the best in its class.

If that’s not enough, most of these systems are compact and lightweight, so you shouldn’t find it to be too difficult especially if you need to move it around the construction or industrial site for varying purposes.

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publisher on June 26th 2011 in Construction

Air Bear Filters, Filtrete and 3M

Air Bear Filters is a leading company when it comes to whole house air cleaners available in the market today. It is a known fact that air filters are used to make sure that the air that circulates around the home is clean and breathable. It has been said that air in the home is more vulnerable to pollutants because of the poor air circulation. Accumulated dust on the filter can contaminate the air if not changed quickly and properly. The Air Bear Air Cleaners have 2 models, the Supreme and Right Angle. The filters are said to have been made from electro-statically charged material. They have also proven that their products are more efficient than that of other brands.

There are many different furnace filter sizes and finding the right one is easy when you know what brand and have the dimensions of your furnace filter. It is wise to have replacement filters so that you can change it as soon as the need arises. Some filters are washable, however, make sure that the filter is properly clean otherwise you risk contaminating the filter and the air that will circulate in the home.

Along with Air Bear Filters, 3M is also a popular choice when it comes to furnace filters. Both companies are concerned about the people’s well being which is why they manufacture top quality filters. 3M furnace filters are built to last and prevent mold and dirt from contaminating the air in the home. 3M carries the brand Filtrete. Filtrete is a filter created to help capture airborne allergens and prevent it from spreading.

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publisher on June 19th 2011 in Construction

Looking For a Coffing Hoist?

Article submitted by Hoist Direct

Regardless of whichever industry one belongs to, the requirement of cranes and hoists are imperative. Take for example, the pneumatic hoist, which works by the method of using compressed air to lift or lower heavy weights. These weights are used in both a commercial and industrial environment these days, spanning several lines of business.

The other types of hoists are electric and manual in nature, and one can find that several companies design and build these hoists, and which cater to specific tasks. And if your line of work entails using this type of heavy machinery, then you would most certainly know that the brand otherwise known as the Coffing hoist is one of the most respected companies that build these machines.

Yet another device that is used to lift or lower heavy materials is the crane, and unlike the hoist, this can cater to weights that hoists cannot deal with. While there are several types of cranes, one of the most popular types that are used these days is the portable crane.

The area of application for these devices span from construction to mining and so on and so forth, and the way they are designed takes into consideration the load limit that is normally carried in each other these industries.

So, if you have been looking for these machines at nominal costs, one can look over the internet to find such devices.

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publisher on February 4th 2011 in Construction

The Applications of Metal Powder

When one speaks of metal powder, it is understood that the importance of this product to several industries such as metallurgical applications, photocopy, brazing, welding and so on and so forth is paramount.

Even the automotive industry realizes the need for these powders as well, and companies who are in this business, will stay in business regardless of what happens due to the span of use of these powders in question. If the company also produced atomized steel, then this turn out to be even better, as the applications are many here as well.

And since the process to prepare these iron coated particles is definitely a sensitive one, there are definite quality standards that have been put in place so that the consistency of quality for the materials created is maintained, no matter which area of application it is being used for.

Of course, since the wear resistence is a big factor when producing these materials of the highest quality, the approach that some companies take is coupling surface densification along with a host of higher densification processes that will ensure greater durability and performance, especially when these powders are used in high performance gears in cars.

So if you are looking for companies that produce these metal powders, and you need to source their products for your manufacturing company, then you can look over the internet for information and costs so that you can get the best price and quality powders for your organization.

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publisher on February 2nd 2011 in Construction

What is powder metallurgy?

Scoping for high grade industrial metal powders? Hoeganaes is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of metal powders, having been in the powder metallurgy business for several years. Our products have been and continue to be used for countless applications namely machining, brazing and casting processes. Having received numerous certifications and awards for our ferrous powders, and being a member of various organizations in the pre-alloyed powder industry, you won’t find a more trusted supplier of raw powdered metal than Hoeganaes. If you want your metal alloy products to pass the strictest of industrial quality standards, make sure to order prime powder metal from us.

Hoeganaes is part of the mpif, which also happens to be known as the Metal Powder Industries Federation. It is a non-profit organization that was formed by powder metal industry leaders who advocate the interests of the companies engaged in ferrous powders, metal production and consumption. The conglomeration has six members, all involved in soft magnetic powder metallurgy, particulate materials and, of course, metal powder production. Hoeganaes is proud to be one of the most active members of mpif, regularly contributing to its programs, technical publications and conferences on a global scale.

Industry grade ferrous powders have to be processed using the most advanced methods in order to pass the strictest quality standards. To achieve that, manufacturers have to have the latest technology at their disposal in order to produce high quality ferrite powders. Hoeganaes has been a steady leader when it comes to powder metal production. Our products are currently used for large industry applications all over the world, owning offices located all around the globe.

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Heavy duty hoist trolley system

Article submitted by Hoist Direct

Are you scouting for high quality industry grade hoist trolley for use in heavy duty applications? Look no further than Hoists Direct Inc. We have recently announced our latest set of Lug-All Cable Hoist and Web Strap Hoist products. Each of our trolley products are fully capable of hoisting anywhere from one half up to 6 tons of cargo. We’ve been in the hoist business since 1949. Our company has been a steady supplier of fully capable hoist systems that are designed to last for ages on end. Our products are now known to be the best hoist systems in the world.

We also offer the most resilient, heavy duty beam clamp products to the entire market. Our clamps are metric rated to be fully capable of supporting weights anywhere from one half to a full ten tons of cargo. They feature dual tread wheels made of cast iron and will fit any and all flat and tapered beam designs. Each wheel has been fully lubricated and now feature shielded bearings for long lasting operation and the least maintenance requirements. They have been both GS and CE certified, and are protected against factory defects or poor craftsmanship for a full year since purchase.

Want the best come along hardware on the planet? Hoists Direct offers state of the art technology in our latest line of products. Our winches are fully capable of supporting anywhere from one to three ton weights. Our come alongs are extremely lightweight, weight as little as 10.25 pounds despite their enormous load capacity.

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