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Don’t give up on Apple yet

Apple shares started a downward trend starting the New Year in spite of new product introductions closer to the end of last year.  It has already given up the world’s most valuable company status back to the oil giant.  Pundits have written negative reviews of the company and paint a dim picture going forward.  Many argue that Korean electronics giant Samsung Electronics whom Apple fighting in many fronts, eating away Apple alive and beating Apple in many ways.  But don’t be fooled, Apple still got lots of sizzle.

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In order to compete with giants like Samsung, Apple is coming up with new lower end products such as iPad mini, especially aimed at developing markets.  Price point of iPad mini is lower than traditional Apple products and that indicates that Apple is willing to give up some profits to compete with its rivals.  Its new IPhone 5 packs features that users can’t get enough of it and it had to implement new ways to handle the demand in China where it sold more than two million units just in one weekend of its launch.  The App Store is still generating more cash for the company.  Users downloaded more than 40 billion Apps since its launch in 2008.

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Refurbished Circuit Breakers

Searching for quality circuit breakers can be a confusing task. While many manufacturers and distributers offer new circuit breakers, others sell used, reconditioned and refurbished circuit breakers. In order to avoid fires, equipment damage and injuries, it is important know the difference between used, reconditioned and refurbished circuit breakers.

Used and reconditioned circuit breakers mean un-tested circuit breakers. Although they have been fixed, they have not been tested and are certainly not certified. On the other hand, refurbished circuit breakers have been tested and certified to be safe-as-new models. In fact, All Breakers Inc. uses cutting-edge digital testing equipment to ensure that all products offer the same quality, reliable output and results as new circuit breakers, whether Cutler Hammer or Zinsco circuit breakers.

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