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It Takes Someone Who Doesn’t Talk To Tell Me The Truth

Posting compliments of Jerry Armen

When I was in high school I knew that things weren’t always what they seemed. I knew that the history books and stuff weren’t exactly giving us the whole story. Now that I’m older I know that that’s just how a lot of things in life are done. I prefer hearing the good, bad, and ugly about topics, that’s why I just love watching Pen & Teller’s: Bullshit! on direct tv satellite. That show is the whole reason I have Showtime!

It doesn’t matter what the subject matter is, I’m completely sucked it. There isn’t an episode that goes by where I don’t learn something new. Pen & Teller really seem to know their stuff and have really done their research. I like that no matter how bad the other side of a topic might be, they want the information out there so people can really judge things for themselves. I’ve been called a skeptic myself so there’s another reason I take so well to the show. I still have a few topics myself that I’d love to see them cover. Maybe I should find a way to submit them, see if they decide to go with them for future seasons.

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Judas Priest Performs at the American Idol Finale

In the American Idol Finale last week viewers were surprised with a guest appearance by 70’s and 80’s heavy metal band Judas Priest, who performed with James Durbin, the #4 finalist this year.

After the show, Judas Priest called the performance a “Dream come true.” Front man Rob Halford said”: “Because we’ve lived so long and done so much stuff in heavy metal and we’ve seen so many crazy things and heard so many crazy things, when we heard this we went, ‘F***! That’s incredible, man. Let’s do it, you know? This is insane. That’s just amazing. So as it progressed from ‘Another Thing Coming’ till this point now, when we’re on the carpet and we’re about to do the show, it’s just a dream come true for Priest, for metal and, mostly, for James Durbin.”

Judas Priest were really happy that the young artist James Durbin has brought heavy metal to the forefront again.

Below you can watch a little clip of this performance.

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Ashton Kutcher Takes Over for Sheen

Ashton Kutcher is set to take over for Charlie Sheen on “Two and a Half Men.” Sheen was fired from the show in March because of erratic behavior. Currently he’s touring the country with a traveling show called “My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option.”
But, returning to Demi Moore’s husband, the news about Ashton Kutcher was confirmed by CBS and Warner Bros. Television. Kutcher himself has said: I can’t wait to get to work with this ridiculously talented 2.5 team and I believe we can fill the stage with laughter that will echo in viewers’ homes…I can’t replace Charlie Sheen but I’m going to work my ass off to entertain the hell out of people!”

He’s expected to take home a “huge payday” for his efforts.

His new bosses, Chuck Lorre — the creator and executive producer of “Two and a Half Men” — among them, have nothing but praise to say: “We are so lucky to have someone as talented, joyful and just plain remarkable as Ashton joining our family…Added to that is the deep sigh of relief knowing that our family stays together. If I was any happier, it’d be illegal.”

Sheen’s almost-replacement was none other than Hugh Grant. He declined the offer, much to the disappointment of more than a few. But so far, and according to the people involved, Kutcher’s introduction into the show is expected to be a success.

Kutcher is familiar to TV viewers because of his role as Michael Kelso on “That 70’s Show,” and the production work he did on MTV’s “Punk’d.” Network and studio bosses are hoping that Kutcher’s big Twitter following (6.7 million) will translate into high ratings for the show. Kutcher seems to be plainly aware of some of the expectations that are being tacked on to him.

Kutcher played coy on the news Thursday. “I’m starting to become convinced that people put my name in articles just to improve their SEO or hoping I’ll tweet it,” he wrote on Twitter.

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George Micheal to be a Judge in US version of X-factor

X-factor, the US version, will launch next September in the US. the show is produced by Simon Cowell, who left American Idol last year so that he can concentrate on his own show. He has been running the show successfully in the UK for several years. It was announced by The Sun magazine that George Michael was signed to be one of the judges on the show.

George Michael whose had his own shares of troubles in the past few years, may see a boost to his career in US, by getting the extra visibility. He recently spent a month in UK jail for driving under the influence and is said to have purchased a multi-million dollar house in Sydney, Australia and recently has moved there.

The show will differ from American Idol in that, the judges are actually mentors of the contestants and help them win.

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The End of 007?

Activision launched “James Bond 007: Blood Stone” this week with a gala event that could have rivaled a movie launch. Champagne flowed and Joss Stone entertained at the event; guests got a close look at iconic Bond memorabilia like the famous teeth worn by the villain Jaws and Oddjob’s hat from “Goldfinger” among other things.

However, unspoken questions dominated the event. “When is the next Bond movie coming out? Will it come out? Is it over for 007?” Michael G. Wilson, a long time Bond Producer, seemed to have the same questions on his mind as he quipped “I wish we were launching a movie” during his speech at the event.

The next Bond movie, dubbed “Bond 23” so far, has been officially “suspended indefinitely”. The problem is MGM; the studio has a $4 billion debt it has to settle and has no idea how it is going to do it. So far several interested parties have made offers and among them are Lionsgate, Summit Entertainment and Spyglass Entertainment. But the best bid so far has come from Time Warner. Unfortunately the $1.5 billion that TW offered is not the figure that MGM is looking at. Any low bid takeovers would not be good news for the Bond franchise as well. For example, the budget for a Bond movie is about the same as the budget Lionsgate has for an entire year.

While all of this seems like bad news, consider this – when “Goldeneye” came out in 1995 it made $352 million worldwide and that was after a six year break when no one believed Bond had it in him to pull in audiences.

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Why Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is a great show

Authored by Alvaro Jordan

My favorite television show to watch on my brand new satellite, that I got after looking at cable tv package prices, is definitely Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. This show originally aired in 1999 and was hosted by Regis Philbin. The show is now hosted by Meredith Viera. This show is on every day of the week and never ceases to amaze me. You can also watch this show on the ABC television network.

The basics of this game revolve around common knowledge of many subjects, the knowledge of the contestants, and a podium with the keys A, B, C, and D. The Fastest Finger round was one of my favorites but is not longer really popular. In this round the contestants were told to answer a question and whoever answered the fastest was allowed to enter the next round. There were many different questions asked and it was difficult to come prepared.

The hardest part of the game was when the selected contestant was put into a hot seat and asked to answer 15 multiple choice questions. This is the most interesting part of the game not only due to the questions asked, but the fact that anybody watching will have a chance to learn as well. I feel this is one of the best game shows out there.

The prizes for this game show are money prizes, but can range from 5,000 to 25,000 and higher.


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The Best Way to Prevent Bad Breath after a Dinner Date

There’s nothing like a sweet kiss to end a perfect dinner date, or to take it to greater heights. But there’s also nothing like bad breath to end a sweet kiss even before it happens. Most people make the mistake of brushing their teeth, flossing and gargling with mouthwash before their dinner date, only to realize they won’t be smelling minty after a three-course meal. So, when you’re stuck between dinner breath and a kiss with your date, what do you do? Prevention is always the key.

Avoid getting bad breath at anytime during the date. Always carry a pack of mints with you and slip one or two subtly in your mouth whenever you feel you need to freshen up. Be careful about popping too many mints into your mouth too frequently, because you may end up not enjoying your food at all. Mint tends to mask the true flavors of food. Keep yourself hydrated and your mouth moistened. Dry mouth leads to sticky saliva, which is a great breeding ground for bacteria that causing bad-breath. So, during your date, have sips of water often. If you are drinking any other beverage, such as wine or soda, be sure to ask the waiter for a glass of water after your meal. It will help wash down flavors that have the tendency to spoil in your mouth and create an unpleasant stench. Finally, know your natural breath fresheners. If at a date you realize you forgot your pack of mints, and you just had curry or a dish flavored with onions, fret not.

Restaurant chefs often use coriander, parsley, or mint to garnish food, but these little greens can actually save the day. Munching on a small piece of parsley can instantly help freshen your breath. It won’t be the same as mints, but at flavors and the smell will be neutralized, so you’re left with a cleaner tasting and fresher smelling mouth.

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    Paris Hilton can never seem to stay out of Trouble

    Paris Hilton can never seem to stay out of the news for the wrong reasons. This time it has been reported that Paris was detained in Corsica for marijuana possession.According to the French newspaper Corse Martin, Paris was detained by the authorities when sniffer dogs alerted them to something suspicious in her bag. Figari airport officials investigated promptly and discovered one gram of marijuana. The star was then taken in for question but was released half an hour later without any charges. Paris had been in transit on the island and was reportedly travelling with people who were “very close to power” in Malaysia. Whether those persons were involved or not in the quick release of Paris is not yet evident.Paris responded to the incident by posting on TwitLonger. She said that she wanted to put an end to the rumors and wanted to make it clear to everyone that she was not arrested. She also said that she was having the best vacation that she had ever had.This incident comes soon after the South African incident which also involved marijuana. In that instance Paris was arrested in Port Elizabeth soon after attending the Brazil – Netherlands match. Although she was arrested for marijuana possession, the case was dropped within hours. Her most infamous brush with the law was, of course, the alcohol-related reckless driving charge in 2007. For that, she spent 45 days in jail and claimed that it had changed her perspective of partying and that she wanted to do more to help the unfortunate.

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      Lohan’s Attorney Quits

      Lindsay Lohan is going to jail and there no two words about it. Her attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, is so unhappy about this that she has resigned from the case. The mean girls star was sentenced to a 90 day jail term a few days ago.

      Holley released a statement soon after the Judge’s decision, stating that the verdict was harsh. She stated that both she and Lohan were extremely disappointed with the verdict. She also said that penalizing Lohan for being unable to balance her work commitments against the requirements of the courts was unfair as well.

      However, according to Holley, Lohan may not have sit in jail for the entire 90 days. Due to overcrowding and budget cuts, Lohan may get out much earlier. Of course, her worries and commitments don’t end there. Once she gets out of jail, she has to check in to a rehab clinic and make regular visits to a probation officer. During these visits she will be tested for drugs and alcohol.

      The jail sentence stems from Lohan’s 2007 drugged out drunken ride in her vehicle. She was then sentenced to three of probation which she violated by missing seven alcohol education classes. Holley was brought in to fix that problem in 2009 and to her credit she did. The probation was reinstated and she even managed to keep the star out of trouble for a while. But Lohan’s recent shenanigans did not go down well with Judge Marsha Revel, who decided enough was enough.

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      Sheen’s car stolen again

      Charlie Sheen can’t seem to catch a break. Well, apart from his money spinning role in “Two and a half men” that is. Infidelity, rocky marriages and much more have haunted the actor’s career and now he seems to be haunted by malicious thieves.

      On February 5th, Sheen’s Mercedes was stolen. While that seems like a routine robbery, the details and the consequent happenings are what make this very significant. The car was in the actor’s garage, which in turn, is located in a gated community. After being stolen, the car was driven or pushed off a cliff on Mulholland Drive.

      The same incident repeated itself on Tuesday, June 15th. This time, the car was parked in the driveway. In both instances, Sheen had no idea of the theft happening and had left the keys in the car. The second car, which was also a Mercedes, was found with its engine running and all of its lights on. It was also found in the same area as the previous car.

      Although this sounds like something the troubled actor is capable of doing, a couple of things shift suspicion away from him. The first is that another car, a Bentley, also suffered the same fate and was discovered in another location on the same road; the second is that a further three cars had also been broken into in the same area.

      So far no motives or suspects have been named. The only thing that seems to be evident is that it is the same gang that seems to be involved in all of these incidents.

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