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Service Tire Truck Centers Is the Place to Go For Truck Tires

When you set out on the road, one of the things that is going to help you stay safe on the road is a good set of light truck tires.  No matter if you are going clear across the country or you are just going to the next city, having some good otr tires is essential. They are going to be what helps to hold the traction on the road and helps to keep your truck going where it should be going.

If you are looking for tires York PA, you are going to find them for a good price at Service Tire Truck Centers.  They know what it is that you need for your truck and they can give you the advice and the tires that you are looking for.  They have all the commercial truck tires that you could want to find in one convenient spot. They know the importance of having the right tires on your truck in order to keep you and your cargo safe when you are on the road.

Being safe and keeping those safe on when you are on the road starts with having good, safe tires on your truck. That is why Service Tire Truck Centers is committed to ensuring that the tires that are on your truck are the right ones every time. if you are looking for the right tires for your truck or your equipment, they are the people to call. They will ensure that you are provided with the tires that are right for your needs.

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Supply and Demand

International freight shipping has been around for centuries. There are always going to be people looking for cheap shipping. International shippers have searched to find the best rates regardless of services and now is no exception. With fuel costs rising and overall demand lowering, container shipping lines are getting into a tough spot. If they are willing to keep their rates as they are, then they risk huge losses this year for several trade lanes. This could easily cripple the industry if nothing changes soon. On the other side of the industry, shippers will not be able to afford to ship their cargo abroad. International shipping costs are already out of the budget for many shippers and without a sharp economic recovery this year. Many will be shutting down their international trade departments and struggling to stay open at all. This is the old economic principles of supply and demand. Unfortunately there are so many variables that most of it turns out to be a gamble.

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What is an NVOCC

So many people in the shipping world do not have a clear picture of what an NVOCC is? For starters, NVOCC stands for Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier. Essentially this means that the company is a shipping company without the ships. They are not the same as a freight forwarding company. They are responsible for all of the same things that a Vessel Operating Carrier is responsible for including container delays, damaged cargo, and lost shipments. These companies issue their own bill of ladings as though they are the owners of the vessels and they will give an international shipping quote based on their own services. Plus they will become the coordinator between the all of the other components of the shipment. They will contact the international shipping lines, the individual ports and everyone else in the transportation line to follow a specific shipment. If there is a problem, the NVOCC is the one to contact and they are responsible for the loss. They will handle it with the carrier separately. This also counts for payment and terms of the shipment. Even contracts can be made through an NVOCC which allows for them to give the best container freight rates.

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Paperwork for Shipping from Canada to the US

hipping anything to any location requires a fair amount of paperwork. If it involves crossing international borders, the paperwork requirement is much more than that is required for domestic shipping. Third party logistics providers are useful if you are not familiar with the paperwork requirements when it comes to international shipping. Apart from providing shipping services, they also have on offer consultation with regards to preparing your products and similar items for international shipping.

Shipping from Canada to the United States is not as easy as everyone thinks it is. Most people tend to think the process is easier due to the large amounts of trade between the two countries which is only partially true. However, there is a large amount of documents that is necessary if shipping from Canada to the United States but existing trade agreements mean that most products can be shipped across, provided you get the necessary paperwork right.

If the items you want to ship across come under any international trade agreement, then you will need special documentation to indicate that you are in fact shipping under that particular agreement. If you intend to ship products that exceed specific values, then it falls under import and export licensing, for which you would need special guidance, unless you are familiar with it.

Smaller shipments also require a certain amount of paperwork. The two most important are the commercial invoice and the Bill of Lading (BOL). Commercial invoices are necessary for everything that needs to cross a border, even if it is a small item purchased online. The Bill of Lading comes from the courier company – this is also necessary for every item crossing a border. Also called a BOL, it includes all the necessary information as well as those regarding the contract between you and the courier company.

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Short Sea Shipping

While the advent of air travels means that a freight shipping service can get your shipment to its destination faster than in decades past, the transportation of goods via boat isn’t exactly obsolete. While US companies that use waterways for FTL and LTL shipping are primarily familiar with deep sea shipping (transport across oceans), short sea shipping (transport of freight within a continent using the local seas) is an extremely important method of freight shipment in Europe, and is believed to be used for around 40% of the freight transported within the continent. Benefits include less road congestion, reduced air pollution, less chance of damage to or theft of goods, and a more cost-effective method of transport than transportation via truck along roadways. While there are some short sea shipping vessels that can traverse inland waterways, this type of inland navigation is considered a separate method from short sea shipping.

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DHL Launches New Facility in China

The logistics company DHL has announced the opening of its new domestic transportation hub in Shanghai. Launched on June 30, the DHL Eastern China Domestic Transportation Hub is part of a $25 million investment designed to “improve the domestic road transportation and distribution market in China.” In addition to offering a wide range of shipping services, including FTL and LTL transportation, the new hub features advanced cross dock operations and IT solutions.

On the new opening, Chief Executive Officer of Deutsche Post DHL Frank Appel said, “The launch of the DHL Eastern China Domestic Transportation Hub in Shanghai reflects our continued confidence in China and commitment to be the best integrated logistics solutions provider.” He added, “We are confident that this new hub will enhance our competitive edge in managing domestic transportation and distribution, enabling DHL to continuously meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.”

The new hub holds 53 loading and cross docks and offers costumers cross dock operations, storage, multi-modal transfer, and data management. Together with another 15 sub-regional facilities, DHL provides freight shipping service options to more than 400 cities in China.

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Truck Driving Jobs Fare Well in Recession

It’s been noted previously that trucking jobs are faring well in the recession, and recent anecdotal evidence supports this. Leon Jones of Volunteer Training Center, a state-certified career school in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, told a local news source, “This is probably one of the most recession-proof industries someone could get into at the present time.”

Not only are truck driving jobs going strong now, they’re expected to pick up in the coming months as stimulus money becomes available and boosts new construction. This will be especially good news for states on the West Coast that are suffering from high unemployment. More California truck driving jobs, for one, could be a much-needed boon for the golden state, whose 11.2% unemployment rate as of March 2009 was one of the highest in the nation.

As the number of jobs increase, diversity among drivers is increasing, too. Trucking companies are hiring both men and women of all ages, races, and educational backgrounds for truck driving jobs.

The pay for truck drivers can be favorable. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, heavy truck and tractor-trailer drivers earned a median hourly wage of $16.85 in May 2006. Light or delivery services truck drivers earned $12.17 per hour, and driver/sales workers earned $9.99 per hour.

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Boat Maintenance Basics

Just like all other vehicles, boats need proper maintenance to run smoothly. While issues like outboard repair can be easy to fix at a reputable dealer, they can still ruin a vacation! Owners who practice proper maintenance, tune-ups, and careful storage of a vehicle see the rewards in the long life of their boat and the parts that keep it going. Here are a few related tips:

  • Before storing your boat over winter or another long period of time, drain the storage tanks of all water to reduce corrosion and bacteria growth. Then, close off the lines to the tanks.
  • Check that all of the marine parts are in working order. Then, remove the battery from the vessel, and store it in a cool, dry place. Clean the battery and the cable terminals with a solution of water and baking soda.
  • If you notice a leak in one of the tanks, resolve it immediately to avoid further damage.
  • Check and replace any other parts causing issues. Regardless of your location, you can order Mercury parts and many other name brands online at our site or in person at our store.
  • If there are signs that the motor is not working properly, take it to a dealer to replace or repair. Whether you have a popular brand name such as a Mercury motor, or a lesser known manufacturer, try to go to a factory-certified technician.
  • Some find it is helpful to keep a maintenance checklist on hand. The owners’ manual contains recommendations—so follow these, and plan to add other steps specific to your environment or vehicle. Taking care of this investment will help you make the most of your time and money!

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Take Advantage of Gas Prices and Travel This Winter

Now that we’re finally starting to see some relief at the pump, this winter is the perfect time to take that trip that you put off last summer because the cost of gas was through the roof. Not only will gas cost less, there’s evidence that there will be less traffic on the road as well. The Transportation Department says that between November 2007 and October 2008, Americans drove 100 billion fewer miles. So with a heavier wallet and an open road, it’s a good time to travel after all. Visit Go RV Dealers for information about RV-friendly campgrounds along the way.

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Motorhome Manufacturers

Like automobiles, motorhomes are distinguished by class and manufacturer. These factors also strongly also affect the price of new RVs, as well as the motorhome resale value of used. Recreational vehicle (RV) classes include A, B, and C. Class A is the most expensive and largest sized, and they often come with luxury comforts. Class B is medium-sized and medium priced. Class C motorhomes are the smallest and offer the most economically cost. Reputable motorhome manufacturers include Fleetwood, Four Winds, and Winnebago. For consumers, researching manufacturers is a good start to learning about basic differences between motorhomes and preferences of RV enthusiasts. No matter which manufacturer buyers prefer, the price on used rvs can differ dramatically from the price of new ones!

  • Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc. is headquartered in Riverside, California. It is one of the top RV manufacturers in the United States. Fleetwood produces various types of motorhomes including Class A and Class C recreational vehicles, travel trailers, 5th wheels, and folding trailers.
  • Four Winds is among the top RV manufacturers in the United States as well. Four Winds is headquartered in Elkhart, Indiana. This company produces Class A and Class C motor homes. Four Winds is a subsidiary of Thor Industries, Inc., which makes not only recreational vehicles, but also commercial buses.
  • Winnebago Industries, Inc. is headquartered in Forest City, Iowa and is another top RV manufacturers in the country. Winnebago produces Class A and Class C motor homes. (Note that the brand name Winnebago is often used interchangeably with the term motorhome. So, often when people refer to “a Winnebago,” they may actually be referring to a motorhome manufactured by a different company.)

Deals can be found on RVs made by each manufacturer, and used vehicles in particular can offer an excellent RV value. Consumers may check the blue book value for a motorhome of any class made by each manufacturer. El Monte RV is on motorhome dealer that offers rental and sales on vehicles by all three of these RV manufacturers. Dealerships like these offer a wide selection so that customers can choose a new or used RV that closely meets their budgetary and functional needs.

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