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Water Heater Installation is not rocket science, but it is definitely not something for someone who isn’t mechanically inclined. From the pipework, to the wiring, installing a new water heater is more than just a bolt-on affair, it is a process that requires skill, and sometimes, a little bit of good-ol’-fashioned elbow grease and experience.

When looking for a new water heater installation always look for a specialist who has done such an install before. Most water heaters, while electrically suppressed, can still create an electrical shock hazard when installed incorrectly. Ensure that your location is a good, clean, and dry location, suitable for either a tanked, or tankless water heater. Secondly, turn off the main water supply to prevent an unexpected flood when unhooking pipes to pipe in the new water heater. Third, ensure that the mains plug, or wiring circuit for the room you are installing the heater in is switched off to prevent electrical shock and prevent expensive damage to the building mains power supply. Once installed, always check for leaks, proper water supply and pressure before switching on the power to your new water heater. Once checked, turn it on and enjoy your new hot water supply.

Reward yourself after with a hot shower and watch your worries and fatigue wash away as you shower in nothing but the warmest water your new water heater brings you. Enjoy your showers more with a burst of hot water and live life a little warmer.

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