Foam is Everywhere

Foam is one commodity that is more often than not overlooked. It can be found in almost all aspects of our daily lives, from the mattresses that we sleep in to the foam packaging that your prized possessions are packed in are stored when moving. Polyurethane foam sheets are everywhere and we don’t even know it. Can you imagine a world without foam? Wherever you sit won’t be as comfortable, your various gadgets will be stored in store keeping units that offer little to no protection from external physical forces.

If you think about it, foam is integral to all businesses too, especially those that require their products to be protected from various forces. One uncommon application is for sound proofing or improving sound quality in a room. Any studio that’s worth their salt is bound to have some sort of acoustical foam that can give the recorders the ability to isolate the sound they need minus the ambient sound in the room; thus improving the quality of whatever they’re recording. Various furniture shops also use quality foam sheets to make sure their items are as comfortable as possible without sacrificing structural rigidity.

It’s a common misconception that these kinds of foams are very expensive and hard to find, but in reality there are already a number of foam suppliers that can cater to all your foam needs. These items aren’t even as expensive as they seem, the relative cost is miniscule as compared to other implements commonly installed.


Foam Distributing is a distributor of various foam sheets for applications ranging from furniture stuffing to sound deadening. Upholstery foam suppliers have been known to be their best customer as they provide the best quality foam at a lower bulk price.

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