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Hoisting equipment and lifting machines are very useful in day to day uses in different industries. A Abell-Howe crane is a common site at many construction sites. Activities in repairs, maintenance and manufacturing sometimes require lifting of heavy equipment that requires special machinery. This is where cranes come in. These machines that often inspire awe are very useful in different scenarios like electric utilities, plant assembly, municipal repairs, military equipment lifting, construction and many other industries. There are many companies that offer these services but some of the well known machines are Abell-Howe, Wallace and Lug-all.

Cranes come in different sizes, shapes and lifting capacities. A gantry crane for example is adjustable in height and has two stands with the load moving from one end to another. Some have a capacity of up to 5 tons. They can be moved along on manual or powered trolleys and are quickly assembled and disassembled. An Abell-Howe crane can rise up to 14 feet and lift up to 5 tons. It is the most common lift at construction and port operations. It is ideal for moving weights from point A to point B in a radial manner. This crane brings considerable clout to the operation.

A Lug-all crane is light weight and is designed for portability and economy of space. Also known as comealong machines, they can lift up to 3000 pounds on the double line. Each crane or hoisting machine is matched to the need of the situation and the site. The economics of space are also to be considered.  The machines mentioned above are just some among many that are available for hoisting and lifting.

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publisher on March 17th 2012 in Construction

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