How much is car insurance

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How much is car insurance

When you ask “how much is car insurance going to cost me?” there
are a number of factors that will determine the answer. Not all insurance carriers
are the same and neither are all drivers. The type of automobile you are insuring
will also play a part in the answer. There are some common factors that insurance
companies will look at in order to determine how much your premiums will be
when you apply for coverage. There is no single answer to how much is car insurance
and for many, finding the right carrier means the difference in paying extremely
high rates or those that are affordable.

The first consideration in determining how much is car insurance going to be
is your driving record. Only those drivers who have a clean driving record will
be awarded the lowest premiums for their coverage. However, if you have had
several tickets and/or accidents, you can expect your premiums to be much higher.
You are considered a high risk driver and you will be required to have high-risk
coverage. The carriers assume that your chances of breaking traffic laws and/or
being involved in a collision is much greater than with other drivers.

Is there cheap insurance for young drivers? Usually, the rates are a lot higher
for inexperienced and young drivers. There will be points where your rates will
be reduced as you grow older and after the age of twenty-five, you can expect
to pay less than anyone under that age as long as they have maintained a good
driving history. It is a proven fact that people who are under the age of twenty-five
are less responsible than those who are more mature drivers.

You have to expect that when getting your question answered about how much
is car insurance, the type of vehicle you drive and the value will play a big
role in the amount of your premiums. Insurance companies will view the statistics
of the vehicle in order to determine the amount of risk in insuring them. For
sports cars that are shown to be frequently involved in automobile crashes,
the liability and collision policies may be higher than that of more economical
models. This can also extend to vehicles that are stolen more frequently than
other types of vehicles.

Even the area where you reside can make a difference in how much is car insurance.
Not only do highly congested areas put you at greater exposure to other vehicles
on the road and increase your odds of having an accident, an area with a high
crime rate will also increase the odds of vandalism or theft as well as the
insurance premiums. Also, women usually don’t have to pay the higher premiums
that men do based on statistics. Men are shown to be more aggressive behind
the wheel and to drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol. This makes
men riskier drivers and they usually have to pay higher premiums than women
to compensate the risk.

If you are concerned about how much is car insurance for you, then get your
free online vehicle insurance quotes at and find out who has the cheapest auto insurance for
your circumstances. Each carrier makes their own rules on how they determine
how much your premiums to be and you can get a quote to see which of several
carriers has the best deal for you!

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