Keep Your Family Healthier with Space Gard Filters

It is important to regularly replace any space gard filters in your heating and cooling systems not only for better efficiency of the unit, but for your family’s health as well. If anyone in the family has been suffering from stuffy heads or frequent headaches, it could be because your air filters are full of dirt and dust. They are being pushed through the house and being inhaled. Even people without allergies can suffer from inhaling small particles that may contain bacteria or a virus. It is one good way to make sure that everyone in the house gets a cold.

When you are changing the filters in the house, be sure to change or clean the vacuum filters and take care of any humidifier filters replacement at the same time. Changing all the filters in the house at once will make sure that anything that has been sitting in a filter for any length of time is not being pushed back into the air. It is also easier to remember to do them all while you are thinking about it.

If people in your household do suffer from allergies, be sure to get filters that have an ultra allergen MERV rating. It may create a bit of a decreased air flow, but it will keep your family feeling better. MERV 13 is the rating you want to keep your home allergen free. If you are not concerned with allergies, but want to save money on your utility bills, a  rating of MERV 8 will be better for you.


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publisher on February 18th 2012 in Construction

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