Padded Tabletop Gaming

Tabletop gaming is a very involved hobby, whether it’s card, dice, or figurine based. Because of this, participants purchase or build tables that are dedicated to the style of game they play, much like poker players.

Space, affordability, and practicality can all be issues for individuals who want to dedicate a substantial piece of furniture to a game that only happens once or twice a month. At the same time, using the kitchen or dining room table, or even a card table presents its own issues. Hardwood tables can make dice rolls noisy and hard to control, while cards can be difficult to pick up. And while padded card tables may seem like a solution, they’re often too small for playing a full-scale group game.

So what do you do when you can’t have a dedicated table, but the surface you do have isn’t conducive to playing? You add a foam pad! With soft foam padding overlays, you can turn any existing table into a gaming table!

Using closed-cell foam sheets, you can add a thin foam layer on any table that is firm enough for play, but soft enough to make play easy. Foam types such as neoprene, cross-linked polyethylene, and gym rubber are all available in thicknesses that can add a comfortable pad to a tabletop that is easily trimmed to the shape of the playing surface.

The benefit of a foam table pad is twofold. Firstly, games are easier to play. Cards are more easily picked off a table when the surface has a bit of give to let you get fingers underneath. Dice also roll more quietly, and won’t bounce erratically off the table. And if you have any delicate figurines, dropping or knocking them over on a padded surface instead of a hard one reduces the chances of damage. The other benefit is that a game pad is easily added and removed for play. These can be rolled up quickly and stored in seconds.

Whether space, cost, or versatility is an issue, you can improve the game night experience greatly, just by adding a piece of custom cut table foam padding!

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