The Best Tourism Attractions in Wrangell, Alaska

The City of Wrangell is a Borough located in the State of Alaska USA. Visitors coming to this city stand a chance of sampling some of the best tourist attractions that the state of Alaska has to offer. Tourist attractions in Wrangell Alaska include the Petroglyph beach, Stikine River. Alaska waters and bear observatory among others. These tourist attractions offer a variety of pleasurable activities for the various types of visitors that come to the Wrangell. History enthusiasts can get to learn more about the borough from the well-furnished museum in Wrangell. Adventurous visitors can participate in adventurous day tours or take a boat ride along the Stikine River.

Additionally, visitors that come into Wrangell can also benefit for the numerous sights that the borough has to offer. Wrangell is the best city to visit especially for those who would wish to partake of Alaska sightseeing. As stated earlier, Alaska’s richest tourist attraction sights are found in Wrangell area. Among the leading attractions for sightseeing in Wrangell, the Anan Creek Bear Observatory tops them all. Visitors that come to this place have a unique opportunity of seeing the bears in close range. The famous polar bear can also be spotted in this observatory. The inscription and carvings found at the Petroglyph beach also has wonderful features for those wishing to sightsee.

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